Should teachers strike

Mary Bousted, general secretary of the ATL — which is considered a moderate union and has never taken strike action before — said: Why is PRP deemed necessary. This leads to disputes and the demoralising of anyone who can, at the whim of a manager, or by unknown directives from higher management, lose a significant income.

For at least six schools in Region Four, Georgetown and surrounding areas a majority of the teaching staff are expected to turn out to work today. Carl, United Kingdom With the way teachers are now treated I would support them if they decided to walk out for six months.

PRP is completely unfair and those who are not to be affected by it should gracefully step aside and close their mouths. I believe that teachers should be well paid so that they can help children to become good and intelligent human beings rather than useful drones for market forces.

Question of the Day: Should teachers be allowed to strike during the school year?

Transit workers did not make such arguments, and support for their strike was nowhere near as high as that of the teachers. This wrangling needs to stop right now. First, by pushing candidates to back this demand, the Left can isolate them from the Democratic establishment, who make up a large portion of bosses in the public sector and are therefore unlikely to support giving their workers the right to strike.

Not sure if I helped you at all so here are safe and legitimate links to where you can read and see what it is teachers want and need. That result will coincide with the publication of the latest employment statistics, including the first official picture of the job cuts in the public sector in the first three months of this year, further riling the unions.

The government has told schools to close to children for another day next term to hold a training day on performance management. It is to do with the fact that it is practically impossible to arrive at a means whereby a fair assessment of performance can be made.

It's a tax on pensions to pay for the deficit. Be inspired by what happened in Chicagowhere most of the community stood behind its teachers. Find a job in industry. I know what going on from what I hear and see here in my town and all over.

We desperately need to attract high calibre people to the teaching profession; to reward people for working in perhaps the most valuable service in our country; and to turn around the demoralisation that teachers face.

I know what some of you are saying -- what about the kids. Anon, England It is practically impossible to arrive at a means whereby a fair assessment of performance can be made. Graeme Robertson for the Guardian The decision of teaching unions to join the first wave of industrial action against government cuts is "irresponsible and wrong", Francis Maude, the cabinet office minister, has said, appealing to those planning to strike on 30 June to reconsider.

They can reveal the anti-working-class outlook of the Democratic Party — and even some union officials. The district negotiators said they could not provide a counter-proposal because they had no additional authority from the Camas School Board, according to the teachers union.

Dave Hay, UK If teachers are more and more motivated by money, would they treat children as their business clients.

Debate: Teacher strikes

Maude told the Guardian: Progress between the two sides has been made, though. Why would teachers perform well. And I believe that the issue is the same for many teachers.

Net search "US public school inequity" and you will easily see that what we're facing here in the Pacific Northwest is endemic to all American public schooling: Because we live in Seattle, yes. The students are like having your own family and we want them to do well, this inspires all teachers to ensure they do well.

But there is little the government can do to avoid widespread school closures. This ladder has been kicked away from underneath them by an educational orthodoxy which has substituted jargon for knowledge and gobbledegook for academic rigour.

Carl, United Kingdom I am still young enough to remember how bad some of my teachers were. Craig, England Many people here have asked teachers to leave their jobs and try the real world out.

In Other States, Teachers Are On Strike. Should Texas Educators Walk Out, Too?

As for SATs, these were regularly manipulated to give the false impression of rising standards. Oct 29,  · Best Answer: If they strike on school days they should simply be FIRED!!!!!

1. They deserve to have benefits and good pay as everyone does. and benefits protect teachers should they or loved one become ill.

3. This is a big reason. Teachers spend more time than parents with other peoples children. Basically they are raising Status: Resolved.

Teachers’ strikes are, in fact, illegal and unjustifiable

As a teachers’ strike in Vermont marched through its second day, an old debate reignited about whether such strikes should be legal. Roughly. Oct 23,  · These are the sources and citations used to research why teachers shouldn't be allowed to strike.

This bibliography was generated on Cite This For Me on Friday, October 23, Most thoughtful analysis that I’ve read so far supports the idea that the strike was a tie between the Chicago Teachers Union and the nation’s third-largest school district. This has also led many people to ask whether teachers’ strikes should be allowed at all.

On Tuesday members of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) are walking out in what it is be the union's first national day of action since Members voted overwhelmingly in favour of action in.

Many teachers go on strike simply because the union majority says to. A union looks at a 51% vote to strike as a % vote to strike.

This is not fair to the 49% who are unsure, undecided, or satisfied with current working conditions. It is unfair to the rest of the teachers to strike.

Should teachers strike
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